Many students who consider studying abroad have specifically choose a career path or a major. This could be the result of family’s expectations, friend’s influence or personal interest. However, major orientation is important because it should be the goal for your effort and investment in your future.

What should the outcome of this investment be like? What would your career be like in the future? There are many questions you need to ask yourself and you will get asked during your study.

TRUSTMARK CONSULTANCY (TMC) brings you the counseling you need for such issues. You will receive evaluation on your career adaptability, information on education environment, living conditions, and cultural factors that might affect your career choice.

Self-assessment, identifying your needs and choosing wisely-for a student ,his/her alma mater embodies information and knowledge experience, memorable interactions ,treasured networks and cherished memories of life time.it Is personality ,professionalism and perceptions are built on this foundation .Gaining admission to the best College/University is an effort requiring competence coupled with enthusiasm ,right knowledge and focused endeavor. The first step in this process is undoubtedly the crucial decision as to which college and university best suits your unique needs. This choice will determine to a large degree your chances of admission. The student has to match aspirations with reality and aim for schools, colleges and universities which are in within the range of attainment.


Our counselors play a vital role in this area as

  • Admission counseling is the first and must important step leading to a proper gateway to a career counseling.
  • TRUSTMARK CONSULTANCY (TMC) visa counselors have the latest information about the admissions criteria, admission acceptance rate, admission committee expectations and merit scale of almost all prominent schools, colleges and universities.
We also counseling for visit and tourist visas in order to receive the visas on time without any mistakes in documentation. On the other hand we handle refused visa through our expert migration lawyers and our success rate is high comparing to other organizations.